February 15, 2006

MPs back thought crime

They've done it, first ID Cards now thought crimes. New Labour is really cranking out the fascist regulations fast now. Talk Politics look a little deeper into the abyss that is New Labour's thought processes.
Why are the government seeking to remove all those amendments which provide for judicial oversight of orders to close down alleged 'terrorist-supporting' websites and reinstate provisions which make ordinary coppers the sole arbiters in such matters, unless the website owner mounts an appeal after the fact of site being shut down?

What possible justification can there be for such a process when, in a matter such as terrorism, the Police would surely have no difficulty in obtaining the necessary warrant for such actions from a Judge in a matter of hours?

And what is a Police state if not a state in which powers which should rightly be vested in the judiciary in the interests of justice and the protection of the civil liberties of its citizens are, instead, vested in the Police?


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